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United Kingdom

  • Hi Jennifer, just wanted to follow up after our amazing vacation! We had the time of our lives and are so thankful to you and your team.


  • She was an absolute delight to deal with, "got" us immediately and her advice was not merely useful, but spot on.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • I found you and your office staff to be professional, timely, and very easy to work with. Thank you again for organising such a wonderful trip for us. The entire family agrees that it was the trip of a lifetime!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • I am so grateful that I found you! Your itinerary was perfect. Having the tickets and reservations ahead of time made our trip so easy. Thank you so very much for all of your work and input.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • My travels were certainly an unforgettable experience that encompassed nearly 2 years of planning and replanning, the tireless efforts of Jennifer and her team must receive the highest commendations. 

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We had the best trip. Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail. All your efforts made such a difference. Until our next trip!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Our time in Italy and London has been wonderful. Your tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, and the coordinators are very helpful!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer delivered a first-class, organised, spot-on trip!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Hello, wanted to let you know we had a wonderful quick trip to London!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • I wanted to create an unforgettable experience for my daughter’s 16th birthday. Words cannot express how perfect this trip was!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer, our trip to London and Oxford was truly amazing. I cannot thank you and your team enough for planning a wonderful experience for us!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Thank you for everything. The trips that you have arranged for us have been truly great!

    WendyPerrin.com Reade

  • I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all that you and your team organised for us! Everyone, from transfer drivers to hotels etc. have been wonderful! Our Wimbledon tickets were perfect! Truly a trip of a lifetime!


  • They are in heaven and told me yesterday that they were so impressed with your team, and EVERYTHING was perfect! You made it all so wonderful, and that is what is important!

    Alabama - Duffy Destinations - Jamey Logan Duffy

  • Thank you so much for all of your help with our trip. ALL of us had a great time. I am sad to be home which says a lot because normally I don’t like to be away from home long!

    Alabama - Kathryn Burns Travel - Kathryn Burns

  • This was the first time I worked with this client, and we had a follow-up call yesterday and she raved about this trip! They want to come back to London since they didn't get to do everything they wanted! Thank you for helping me impress a client!

    Alabama - Life Is Short Adventures - Anna Kathryn Gresham

  • This is what makes me thrilled to work with Queen of Clubs. Genuine concern for our clients and gestures of kindness go a long way to turn a mistake into an opportunity. Thank you all and great job!

    Alabama - Mary Dee Travel - MaryDee Snow

  • Hi Paola! They had such a wonderful time! They emailed me on their flight home to tell me they had the best trip. Thank you so much for your assistance in putting it together!

    Atlanta - Major Traveler - Arleigh Ogilvie

  • Paola, I cannot thank you enough for all you did this evening for my client. This is my first time working with Queen of Clubs and I look forward to working with you more often! Thanks for making me look good!

    Atlanta - Park Street Travel - Danielle Kealler Diaz

  • Hi Molly, It was my first time booking with all of you, but I am very pleased with how things went and look forward to sending more clients your way!  You were wonderful to work with!

    Atlanta - Park Street Travel - Danielle Kealler Diaz

  • We have to say this is the perfect way to plan the trip. To be here over Easter weekend and enjoy the city without all the hustle of the work day was really nice. Thank you again for helping plan another trip of a lifetime!

    Austin, Texas, USA - Poses Travel & Co - Amanda Poses

  • Thanks again for all of your help today! I just heard from the family and they loved the tour and the Raven Master was a hit. Their response is below. "It was AMAZING! Thank you"

    Barcelona, Spain - CTB Travel / Vaquera Travel / ATX / An affiliateof SmartfLYER - Sarah Thomas

  • Client said arrival and driver were flawless. Thanks Isabella!

    Beverly Hills - JK TRAVEL - Jesse Katz

  • You guys pulled through for us and made it happen at the last-minute. I can’t thank you enough. You made us shine like stars!

    Beverly Hills, USA - Pro Travel Inc - Cassandra Gartner

  • Hi Jennifer, I have 18 trips with Queen of Clubs over May and June. Everyone has been amazing and it's been 100% perfection. I'm grateful. I adore everyone I work with in every country. It's an amazing partnership.

    Birmingham - Kathryn Burns Travel - Kathryn Burns

  • We had a lovely time! The guides were amazing with the kids and so knowledgeable! The driver was also great! I normally don't do a ton of tours, but this trip changed my mind, especially with kids. I appreciate you letting me experience this through you!

    Birmingham - Life is Short Adventures - Anna Kathryn Gresham

  • The family LOVED Queen of Clubs!

    Birmingham - Mary Dee Travel - MaryDee Snow

  • All of us had a great time. I am sad to be home which says a lot because normally I don’t like to be away from home long. It was great that the bike tour company was able to switch times for us last minute and our tour guides on Thursday and Friday were g

    Birmingham, Alabama - Brownell Travel - Client's Testimonial - Kathryn Burns

  • I need to tell you that every detail of our trip has been absolutely fantastic! I really appreciate everything you’ve done to set this up and frankly I can’t imagine that things could’ve been going any better so far.

    Birmingham, USA - Travel Struck - Courtney Regan

  • Hi Ketty, they had a great time and said the tours were fantastic! Thank you for your assistance!

    Boca Raton - Elite Travel Designs - Jamie Paul

  • "I cannot express how wonderful our tour guide was. We got to talking with him and he loved our questions so much that he invited us to be his guests at the Ceremony of the Keys last night!"

    Boca Raton - Elite Travel Designs - Jamie Paul

  • My client really liked the guide, she was really nice and helpful. Thank you so much!

    Boston, Massachusetts - Milne Travel - Debbie Crockett-Rice

  • Tenés un grupo maravilloso!

    Buenos Aires - Furlong Fox - Andrea Pini

  • Hi Molly, the clients shared this feedback: "Good morning, just letting you know that everything on our return went smoothly. Regarding the car service to the Glasgow airport, the driver helped us with our luggage all the way to the ticket counter!" Sound

    California - Artistico Travel Consultants - Sandy Staples

  • Thank you again for your help. I really love working with Queen of Clubs for many reasons, a couple of which are your attention to detail, and your fabulous hotels. I also really appreciate your timely responsiveness to me!

    California - Journeys of a Lifetime - Daria Dimitroff

  • "It seriously was the most amazing trip, and I can’t wait to go back soon! We also can’t wait to plan another vacation with you! It was seamless, and I could actually ENJOY our vacation!"

    California - Just Escape Travel - Michelle Barth

  • Hi Julia, I truly appreciate the recap; thank you so much for sending this over, especially on a weekend! I’m so impressed with the communication of QofC and appreciate all you are doing.

    California - Local Foreigner - James McLaren

  • I can't thank you enough for your diligent work and attention to detail on this trip; from your communication with me and daily updates, the WhatsApp chat follow-ups, and getting on a call with the clients on a Saturday!

    California - Local Foreigner - James McLaren

  • Hi Ketty and team, The clients had a wonderful time in London, thank you for taking great care of them!

    California - Sharon Walters Travel - Sharon Walters

  • I wanted to share that the client had nothing but AMAZING things to say about the week and all of his experiences! He used words like seamless, wonderful service, and great curated experiences!! Great job to the whole team and thank you for the short-term

    California - Thurston Rivera - Danielle Thurston

  • They did share that they had an incredible time, the client had a lovely spa day to herself at Adare one of the days and that seemed to do the trick!  Thank you again, it’s been really lovely working with you! 

    California - Thurston Rivera Luxury Travel - Trisha Rivera

  • They will have memories for a lifetime all in thanks to your hard work. As he was telling me of his travels, I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes. This makes what we do all worthwhile.

    California - TTW Travel the World - Tami Teaford-Williams

  • She absolutely loved their trip!  She said it was practically all "flawless perfection." ​​​Thank you and Queen of Clubs for making me look so good!

    California - Wanna Jet Away - Ana White

  • Thank you so much for making this day trip not only possible but a really lovely experience! With all the uncertainty surrounding the passing of the Queen, I appreciate your flexibility and making this happen.

    California, USA - Ciao Bambino - Melissa Rosdahl

  • Your help was outstanding in pulling this together! I raved about you to my boss!

    California, USA - Plaza Travel - Denise Schaefer

  • I finally spoke with my client today and he loved everything about their time there. Your drivers and guides were amazing. Everything went smoothly!

    California, USA - Protravel International California - Kevin Borzenski

  • They clients said it was a dream-come-true trip. Thank you all for the wonderful partnership!

    California, USA - Wagner Travel - Eli Wagner

  • Hi Molly, I wanted to share some great feedback from the client's party: “We had a wonderful trip all of the transfers were flawless.Thanks again for putting this together for us we had a blast!”

    Cambridge, Massachusetts - A Girl’s Gotta Go - Stacy Evos

  • Tickets for Wimbledon were simply the best possible in the whole stadium, and my client knew how difficult was to achieve them for that particular match!

    Caracas, Venezuela - Incredible Destinations - Patricia Presti

  • Mi cliente me dijo, excelente, todo bien, y ayer le pregunté, como si fuera todo, me escribió: "Todo buenisimo".

    Caracas, Venezuela - Souvenir Tour - Karen Bouzaglo

  • Thanks for all of your help making our trip to the UK so special! it was truly the trip of a lifetime!

    Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - David Rietz 

  • The clients had a wonderful trip. They really appreciate you checking in with them daily about what to expect. They said “the communication was top notch"!

    Chicago - Art of Hospitality Travel - Maureen Paap

  • "London was awesome! Geoff, our guide for the British Museum, was extremely knowledgeable! We really appreciated getting text messages from Paola reminding us of the next day’s itinerary. It was extremely helpful!!" Thank you so much!!

    Chicago - CRC Travel - Alison Bastianelli

  • "Our trip was wonderful. The tours provided by Queen of Clubs were great! Queen of Clubs was on top of everything and made it easy. We would definitely work with them in the future!"

    Chicago - CRC Travel - Alison Bastianelli

  • "The trip was filled with wonderful people and memorable experiences. Thank you all for the great suggestions and guidance, it made for an unforgettable trip!" Another great trip with QoC! Appreciate your team and looking forward to a successful 2024!

    Chicago - Luxe and Nyx - Katie Griffin

  • Thank you again for pulling off such an amazing experience last minute! All in All a fantastic trip!

    Chicago - Maven Luxe Travel - Rebecca Ellis

  • I just wanted to thank you so much! Spoke to the client this morning and she advised that Ireland was one of the best trips they ever had!

    Chicago, USA - CRC Travel - Rebecca Spina

  • I just wanted to thank you so much! Spoke to the client this morning and she advised that Ireland was one of the best trips they ever had!

    Chicago, USA - CRC Travel - Rebecca Spina

  • Everything in London was awesome! Thank you again for a fantastic trip!

    Chicago, USA - CRC Travel - Alison Bastianelli

  • Thank you all so much! The client said "everything was flawless and the trip a 10/10". You are all incredible!!

    Chicago, USA - Jet Set World Travel - Peter J. Tibble

  • She had a WONDERFUL time – loved every driver and guide.

    Chicago, USA - Jetset World Travel - Lauren B. Maggard

  • Thank you so much for the hard work that went into it. Really the entire trip was executed great and we enjoyed it very much!! I don’t know what was our favorite- they were ALL really great! We wouldn’t change anything, to be honest!

    Chicago, USA - Jetset World Travel Inc - Client Feedback of Jill L Taylor

  • My clients loved their experience with Queen of Clubs. They said they felt like rock stars with the VIP treatment.  Even when there was an issue, it was resolved quickly and to their satisfaction!

    Coeur d'Alene - Escape by Escala - Michelle Escala-Summach

  • I can’t thank you guys and your team enough for all your work on what was truly a magical trip for my family and me.

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Next Exit Travels - Haleigh Scott

  • I wanted to let you know what a joy it was to work with Zara on the referenced itinerary! It greatly exceeded my client’s expectations.

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Strong Travel - Bernie Thomas

  • My day has been one for the books! Zara at Queen of Clubs has worked with me since last night until just a few minutes ago to book a client PCR TESTING upon ARRIVAL at his hotel in London!

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Strong Travel - Amy Spence

  • He had not ONE complaint...he loved it all! Thank you so much!

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Travel Edge - Merrick Huckin

  • Overall it sounds like it was fabulous! Thank you again for creating such an incredible itinerary for them!

    Denver - Maven Luxe Travel - Danielle Reisman

  • "The itinerary organization and detail were excellent, as were the suggestions for activities and restaurants in each destination. We had a great trip and felt very happy about all the services."

    Denver - Savor Travels - Rachel Meyers

  • I just had a "welcome home" call with the client.  They had great things to say about their time in London - thank you! Many thanks for your help with this trip and for taking good care of this family!

    Denver - Videre Travel - Tiffany Kaufman

  • ​​​​​​​My clients were very impressed with your company and I will for sure be reaching out the next time I have clients wanting to go to the UK! 

    Denver - Videre Travel - Mallory Worthington

  • the clients absolutely loved their trip!

    Des Moines, Iowa, USA - Stahl Travel -  Taylor Hallengren

  • PLEASE know how much we appreciate all of your incredible help! What a privilege it is to work with you and we are grateful for everything you do for us.

    Encino, California, USA - Protravel International - Annette Sordoni

  • THANK YOU for all your hard work on pulling the trip together. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

    Encino, California, USA - ProTravel International - Annette Sordoni

  • I just spoke to the client. He LOVES the property and mentioned he will see how the next few days go, but he would like to book this place a few times a year at least. So far so good! Thank you for your help and support! 

    Florida - Elite Lyfe - Niko Contardi

  • Dear Victor, I just wanted to let you know I spoke to the clients and they had a wonderful trip and enjoyed the guide services.  Thank you so very much for taking such good care of these clients.

    Florida - Prestige TGL - Ivy Tjok

  • YOU ARE TOP TIER! Thank you so much for helping us look like a rock star with our mutual clients. I am so grateful for you, and your thoughtfulness. I am truly over the moon and cannot wait to send another client your way!

    Florida - The Travel Smiths - Lexi Smith

  • Thank you al so very much, our vacation was AWESOME!!! Everything was perfect. I will absolutely recommend Queen of Clubs to any of my clients. Yours Sincerely, Rochelle Chastain

    Florida - Trips2Anywhere - Rochelle Chastain

  • Their trip was everything they had hoped for and more! You are my eyes and ears on the ground and I know I would be lost without you!

    Florida - WhirlAway Travel - Stacey Blum

  • When my very top client texted me late Tuesday that he wanted a helicopter to take him to a party Wednesday afternoon, I knew to call QofC.

    Fort Worth, Texas, USA - Smart Flyer - Tiffany Figueiredo

  • Everything and everyone has exceeded our expectations. ​​​​​​​Thank you for all your help and setting up everything so wonderfully and thank you for making everything work out so seamlessly. 

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton Hall - Lisa Hall

  • I wanted to let you know that I spoke to the client and he was very happy with all the arrangements. In his words "Queen of Clubs is Top Notch!" 

    Haiku - Captivating Journeys - Kathy Takushi

  • Hi Julia! The clients had an incredible time!!! Thank you so much for everything you did. Really looking forward to working with you again in future!

    Harbor Springs, Michigan - Luxe & Nyx - Megan Brady

  • This trip was my first time using Queen of Clubs. I was very pleased with the service and will definitely work with you in the future.

    Hawaii - Captivating Journeys - Kathy Takushi

  • I have worked on three itineraries with Queen of Clubs. I have enjoyed each specialist to whom I have been assigned. They are thorough and competent and go above and beyond to be timely. Much appreciation to the Queen of Clubs team!

    Houston - Signature Travel Network - Clarissa Fuentes

  • You absolutely and totally killed it. I know it was a bit challenging but you are a true professional. I’m grateful for your expertise, knowledge and everything else! 

    Houston, Texas, USA - IWillGoTravel - Will Goldberg

  • Once again,thank you very much for your wonderful help and hope to send our client in next year as well!

    Japan - Kuchiki - Hiroshi

  • The tour guides for the black cab and borough market were outstanding. The Soccer game was also awesome. The tickets were amazing and we had a great time!

    Jersey City, New Jersey - SETTE Travel - Jessica Rizzolo

  • I wanted to thank you very much for handling our VIP client so perfectly. Antonio, a huge thanks to you too for your skills and for arranging so many goals at the football matches – they really enjoyed it!

    Leatherhead - Touch Associates - Paul Smith

  • Thanks so much, Zara! The clients had a great time, and it was a pleasure working with you guys – the commitment, energy and creativity you brought to the table were amazing, and we are very grateful. I look forward to working on another special project w

    London - Black Tomato - Rob Murray John

  • Hello Ainara, I hope you are well; I just wanted to say these clients have been raving about their trip to thank the whole team!

    London - Black Tomato - Jenni Thal

  • It is great, you did a very good job in a very short time.

    London, England - Parnassus Travel Group - Nikki Rawden

  • Our clients raved about their tour with you and so we are so happy to hear they requested another. Working with you has been wonderful and we look forward to the next!

    Long Beach, California, USA - Thurston Rivera Luxury Travel - Trisha Rivera

  • "We just returned home from our fabulous trip and I just had to thank you for everything! It was the easiest, smoothest, most well-organized trip ever."

    Los Angeles - Beyond Traveled - Diane Sherer

  • They do not disappoint. Their team is quick to respond, and advisors are provided with a timeframe for the proposal that is realistic and prompt!

    Los Angeles - Signature travel Network - Denise Booth

  • Hi Ketty, thank you so very much. I saw the chat and was the happiest and the mom as well. THANK YOU truly! Amazing job you have done!

    Los Angeles, California - Destination-K - Katharina Heuermann

  • My clients had a wonderful time at the Borough Food Tour, and I loved working with your team. So easy!

    Los Angeles, California - Fora Travel - Meredith Alexander

  • Thank you so much! They had the best time and LOVED their guides! Appreciate everything you guys did for this booking! Maureen Stevens

    Los Angeles, California - Stevens & Co. Travel - Maureen Stevens

  • Thank you for the services. We had an amazing day yesterday and really loved today. Thank you again and looking forward to working with Queen of Clubs.

    Los Angeles, California - TerryB Luxury Travel - Terry Bahri

  • Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic experience throughout the entire trip. The trip unforgettable…we had so much fun.

    Los Angeles, USA - All Star Travel Group - Susan Duffy

  •  The trip was truly unbelievable! Everyone was unreal sweet and helpful. And to the kids were so sweet! Can’t wait for next time!

    Los Angeles, USA - Byron Travel Group - Chad Rodarme, Client's Testimonial

  • Amazing trip! Could not have been better- the new standard. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Los Angeles, USA - Byron Travel Group - Chad Rodarme

  • Thanks so much for the help with my clients in London with the last minute helicopter trip. The clients LOVED.

    Los Angeles, USA - Smartflyer - Rachel Brown

  • We love Queen of Clubs! Thank you so much for setting up such great experiences for our FAM and all of the amazing work you do for our clients.

    Los Angeles, USA - Walker & Hays - Rachel Hays

  • I loved working with you all, and you will definitely be my go-to in the future!

    Los Angeles, USA - West Coast Ovation Travel - Stacy Kristynik

  • Susanna, Thank you again! Here is some additional feedback from the client: "Our boat day was perfection… And all of our tour guides were super knowledgeable and friendly and gave us a great experience… Can’t thank you enough for all of your help with tha

    Los Angels, California - Life:Styled Travel - Natalie Ochs

  • Tiago, as always, you are AMAZING! Coming back to London just to give you a big hug!

    Louisiana - Mary Dee Travel - ReRe Pride Shaw

  • They have been so happy with your guides and arrangements. Thank you so much!

    Louisville, Kentucky, USA - Vista Adventure Travel - Carol Jaffe

  • Filippo, los Palacios fenomenal, eres un crack!

    Madrid, Spain - Dia Libre Viajes - Blanca Duran

  • Thank you Paola! You were wonderful to work with and I appreciated your follow-through very much! I have just reached out to my client and hope to hear back from them soon.

    Manhattan Beach, California - Gails Travel - Gail Woloz

  • Ketty has been absolutely bloody amazing – please pass my thanks on to her. She is such an asset to your company. If I could deliver a bottle of champagne to her right now I would!!! THANk YOU!

    Melbourne, Victoria - Allure Travel - Barclay Cox

  • Dearest Susana, ​​​​​many thanks! Everything went perfectly! That’s why I love to work with you! I know I don’t have to worry about anything while my clients are in your hands

    Mexico City - Nuba - Mariana Lazzeri

  • Todo estuvo perfecto! muchísimas gracias por todas sus atenciones!

    Mexico City, Mexico - Debisa - Gaby Rosas Bautista

  • Qué gusto de verdad que volvemos a trabajar juntos. Los quiero felicitar por la disposición absoluta y gran servicio brindado por Paola y todo su equipo.

    Mexico City, Mexico - Ferrara Viajes - Carlo Ferrara 

  • El cliente quedó encantado con su servicio en Londres y ahora me pide le apoyen cotizando sus traslados en París.

    Mexico City, Mexico - ITG - Rodrigo Jimenez

  • Both guides were just wonderful very knowledgeable and very flexible. I will, of course, tell my experience to the whole sales team in Mexico and suggest they work these countries with QofC.

    Mexico City, Mexico - ITG - Miguel Garcia

  • Gracias a ti y al equipo de Queen of Clubs que hizo posible el viaje de mis clientes, estuvieron muy contentos, lo disfrutaron muchísimo.

    Mexico City, Mexico - ITG - Maricarmen Arana

  • Mil gracias de nuevo, todo va de maravilla.

    Mexico City, Mexico - Ruth Prado - Ruth Prado

  • Queen of Clubs es unica de verdad.

    Mexico City, Mexico - Turismo Exmar - Liliana Servitje

  • We're so grateful for all your assistance with the client. I received a wonderful email from them this morning that praised their entire experience. They loved the private Dior Experience and raved about their tour in London and all their drivers..

    Miami - Travel Andiamo - Kelly Howard

  • You are definitely one of the most concise and professional companies I have ever contacted.

    Miami, USA - Protravel International - Vanessa Cohen

  • 100 out of 10 were the words expressed by the clients for their London experience. A huge thanks to the entire Queen of Clubs team, and a special thanks to Arianna and Victor for all their hard work throughout, the changes, and all the after-hours stuff

    Michigan - kmx Global Travel - Jay Ahmed

  • The clients LOVED their time in London! They LOVED their guide! Thank you for all the work you did for these clients. You went above and beyond!

    Michigan - Travel Max Group - Jodi Denenberg

  • Non so come ringraziarti per l'eccellenza dei servizi resi alla nostra azienda durante le Olimpiadi, le auto, tutte nuovissime, gli autisti, impeccabili.

    Milan, Italy - SKYTV - Marika Pisoni

  • Dear Ainara, I spoke with the client daily during her trip, and they were very satisfied and happy. I want to personally thank you for your invaluable assistance. It's rare to find a DMC like you, attentive, loyal, and always available even during holiday

    Monaco - Looking For Charly - Simonetta Bertoni

  • I wanted to give huge kudos to Antonio, Nikolas and Tiago. All of my clients in London this summer were thrilled with the services provided by Queen of Clubs! 

    Mumbai, India - SG Travel - Sandy Grodsky

  • Thank you so much for helping us put together another memorable trip with the uniqueness we can only get dealing with your expertise!

    Naples, Florida, USA - Jen Mitchell Travel - Jen Mitchell

  • The tour guides for the black cab and borough market were outstanding. The Soccer game was also awesome. The tickets were amazing and we had a great time!

    New Jersey - SETTE Travel - Jessica Rizzolo

  • The client said it was awesome! Great seats. Thank you!

    New Jersey - Smartflyer - Rachel Braylovsky

  • I could go on and on and on! It was amazing! Thanks so much Alexis! It was PERFECT!

    New Jersey, USA - As Travel Pro - Alexis Sherry

  • Hi Ketty, all went perfect! They were shocked and grateful and had a great time in London! Thank YOU so much for your help! It was a pleasure working with you as well and we really appreciate your quick work to help get the trip fully buttoned up the last

    New Orleans - Jetsparency - Ashley Laughon

  • Hello, they said the tickets were amazing and thank you very much! ​​​​​​​Cori Abbruzzese

    New York - Elli Travel Group - Cori Abbruzzese

  • Hello Ainara! We can't express enough how much we love working with your team from start to finish. Thank you for this great report and for taking wonderful care of our clients (and us!). Thank you again for everything and looking forward to working toget

    New York - ETK Travels - Erin Trager-Kusman

  • Jennifer, your team is knocking it out of the park for us - we love working with everyone at QOC, so THANK YOU!

    New York - ETK Travels - Erin Trager-Kusman

  • Dear Ainara, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and your incredible team! You made planning so easy and seamless. Thank you for always being so responsive and thorough.

    New York - Fischer Travel - Amy Kaminski

  • Thank you for everything. I wanted to thank you personally for all of the special touches and wonderful guides. We loved all of them. I learned so much and had a lot of fun.

    New York - Indagare - Melissa Biggs Bradley

  • Just heard from the client and she was very grateful for the last-minute transfer switch, thank you again. They are off to Ireland - thanks again for another successful trip!

    New York - indagare - Megan Coy

  • Hello Julia, I appreciate you staying on top of this. We cannot thank you enough for all your help with all of our clients these past few months. You are a rockstar!

    New York - LC Luxe - Alexa Kossoy

  • Hi Julia, This was the BEST trip ever and everything was just perfect! The clients loved every single minute, every tour, every guide, and every driver!  Thank you again for everything!

    New York - LC Luxe - Alexa Kossoy

  • Ainara and Jennifer, Thank you so much for making me look good with a demanding client. He is beyond satisfied! He promised to tell me all about it and he complimented Ainara over and over again.

    New York - One Power Travel - Matilde Broder

  • Hi Tiago, the client did txt me yesterday that they were so so happy with the debenture scene so they could watch out of the rain. Best regards, Steph

    New York - Protravel International - Stephanie Durst

  • Hi Tiago, great to hear from you. I heard from the clients after the first day, and they are thrilled. They were so excited because they got to see Djokovic play. Thank you for everything! Soraya

    New York - Protravel International - Soraya DeMattia

  • Hi guys – As expected, I’ve received some extensive feedback from the clients. Amazing! Alex, they LOVED  everything!!   

    New York City - Human x Nature Travel - Claudia Riegelhaupt

  • I just heard from the client, and she is THRILLED with the QoC team! Thank you so much for all your help. The client wants to send a note to you!

    New York City - Pro Travel - Olivia Preston

  • " My husband and I really appreciated the text to confirm our itinerary the night before each venue. We would definitely recommend Queen of Clubs as we continue to explore other cities! "

    New York City - Pro Travel - Christian Fratello

  • The seats at the game were amazing, wow! It was so close to the field that we could literally hear the players.

    New York, New York - SmartFlyer - Kimberly Gavin

  • AMAZING! Thank you so much. I so appreciate all of your help these past two weeks!

    New York, New York - SmartFlyer - Kimberly Gavin

  • I use Queen of Clubs, Luxury Lifestyle Services for all my transfers, guides, theatre tickets, dinner reservations and much more in London, Paris, South of France and Italy, and I must say that I and my associates at Tzell have been delighted.

    New York, New York - Tzell Travel Group - Robert Kunikoff

  • I just wanted to reach out and let you know that the clients had an amazing time. It was exactly what they wanted, busy from morning until night.

    New York, USA - Altour - Marianne Govoni

  • Just wanted you to know all of your arrangements were perfect. Guides were amazing.

    New York, USA - Altour - Linda Fields

  • Thank you Ainara, they had a wonderful time!

    New York, USA - Bear & Bear Travel - Laurie Santorelli

  • They loved the tour and the guide. It was all great! And very professional driver as always!

    New York, USA - E.V.A Travel - Eva Ferrari

  • A heartfelt thank you for your overly generous and gracious hospitality this week. ​​​​​​​A million thank yous again for your extreme generosity and ongoing partnership.

    New York, USA - Embark - Jack S. Ezon

  • The day was wonderful. Augusta was delightful and so was our driver Samir!

    New York, USA - Essentialist - Cristina Gibb

  • Everything was just perfect, you are the best DMC that she ever worked with!

    New York, USA - First in Service - Lynne Zimms

  • I only wish I found you sooner. You make it so easy for me, and because of you, I also look great to my clients!

    New York, USA - First in Service - Lynne Zimms

  •  I really appreciate your help with our trip and look forward to planning future client trips together!

    New York, USA - For Business or Pleasure Travel - Tamara Kapetanis

  • Thanks for the phenomenal tour! The guide was friendly, knowledgeable, informative, and social. He’s a walking encyclopedia of information.

    New York, USA - High-Class Travel - Jay Schwartz

  • I just wanted to thank you again for another amazing trip you put together and executed for my clients. The trip was perfection, always a pleasure working with you.

    New York, USA - IBC Private - Irving Betesh

  • Thank you again for all your help making it a truly magical vacation. Definitely one that will live in our memories for a very long time!

    New York, USA - In The know Experiences - Anneliese Pfeil

  • Thank you so much for all your assistance with our clients’ tours. We really appreciated your updates and it was a pleasure to work with you!

    New York, USA - Insider - Katie Couri

  • Stephen, thank you so much for all your help on this. The cake was absolutely perfect!

    New York, USA - Insider - Katie Couri

  • Thanks again for all your help this past month. My client was very pleased. Thank you for making everything work smoothly despite being shorthanded.

    New York, USA - Liontree - Zachary Adler

  • Thank you for everything you did for them. They just LOVE Queen as Clubs as much as I do!

    New York, USA - Local Foreigner - Elizabeth Walsh

  • Thank you, Paola! Our clients had a FANTASTIC time!

    New York, USA - Local Foreigner - Elizabeth Walsh

  • Thank you again, you were all delightful and made the weekend.

    New York, USA - Number 1 Power Travel - Donna Guttman

  • Thank you for your assistance in organizing a successful tour for my team in London. Martin was excellent and my gang was very impressed by his knowledge and elegance. Thank you again.

    New York, USA - Power Travel - Viviane Gringer

  • The client was very pleased with the day they had with your people! Thank you so much for adding a feather in my cap. YOU ARE THE BEST!

    New York, USA - Power Travel - Viviane Gringer

  • Thank you Stephen for your ENDLESS patience and calm guidance through everything.. I say it everyday we could not do it without you!

    New York, USA - Pro Travel Inc - Janice Martorano

  • My client enjoyed the hotel very much and said it was the best there.

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Susan Ponte

  • Thanks for getting everything set up, it went really smoothly so we were able to just focus on enjoying ourselves!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Susan Ponte

  • The QofClubs team is always able pull through in these last minute instances!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Shannon Kenny

  • Please pass along my highest praise, as he really went above and beyond to ensure a seamless transfer experience. ​​​​​​​What a wonderful experience, that I know my clients will appreciate.

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Jesse Katz

  • You are all golden and I greatly appreciate and enjoy working with all of you!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Janice Martorano

  • A heartfelt gigantic THANK YOU! However many languages it takes to say it in, it must be said, once again, Queen of Clubs came through in an amazing way!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Janice Martorano

  • I am not a person that uses caps much, but IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Anissa Klein

  • On behalf of the executive committee, who represents all of the employees of our great company and myself we want to say thank you. Partnering means so much and your value is so greatly appreciated!

    New York, USA - Protravel international - Andy Pesky

  • I just wanted to tell you that the clients were SO happy, they said it was one of the best trips they have ever taken!

    New York, USA - SmartFlyer - Virginia Allen

  • I had a couple more clients use Queen of Clubs services and they said it was the best part of their trip!

    New York, USA - Travel Experts - Jeff Traugot

  • The client said the car was the latest model of BMW with the best comfort!

    New York, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Judy Kurzban

  • In fact, they have been raving so much about the trip that a few of their friends have already been reach out!

    NewYork, USA - AMBespoke Travel - Alex Mooir

  • He enjoyed every moment and was so pleased with the entire experience. Thank you so much for arranging such a special tour. We covered a lot of ground with Anthony and he was a total pleasure.  

    North Carolina - Gifted Travel Network - Vanessa McGovern

  • Sofia good day, I spoke to the client today. They had a fantastic time, and the guides were fantastic! Thank you

    North Carolina - Travel Experts - Michael Podina

  • Hi Tiago, I am grateful to you and the whole team for your excellent work and planning for this trip. You have made it effortless for them and me and I so appreciate your partnership.

    North Carolina - Victory Travel - Wendy H. Chambers

  • I love Queen of Clubs! I have received excellent feedback from clients! I don't feel the need to request quotes from other suppliers when Queen of Clubs services the area with which I need assistance. They are that good!

    Oakland - Signature Travel Network - Daria Dimitroff

  • You are so great to work with. Excellent service. I appreciate you! Kind 

    Oklahoma City, USA - Bentley Travel Design - Drenda Roberts

  • Thank you, Arianna! I love that you added the guide bios- that’s such a nice touch and I haven’t seen it from your London team before so thank you!

    Orlando - Bach Travels - Kelly Bray

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for all of you and your team's hard work for my clients. These are some of the most demanding clients I've ever had and this is the happiest they've ever been returning from a trip!

    Palo Alto - Smartflyer - Katie Lee Mohammed

  • I want to tell you that my clients told me that the seats you provided at Wimbledon were the best seats they have ever had. I want to thank you so much. You did an amazing job!

    Panama City, Panama - Zibaritas Travel - Pamela Milanes

  • Hi Arianna, thank you again for your help with everything!! I appreciate everything you did last minute to make this trip a success. They had a fantastic time!

    Park City - Jet Set and Travel - Brandon Zackon

  • The communication from QofC during travel is excellent! I would not hesitate to work with QofC in Ireland again. My company has had excellent feedback for France, the UK, and Italy as well.

    Pennsylvania - Whirlaway Travel - Jamie Jones

  • Foi tudo mais que perfeito ontem! Amamos! Os nossos assentos em Wimbledon eram perfeitos! Vou te mandar foto. Ano que vem queremos os mesmos assentos!!! Everything was more than perfect yesterday! We loved it! Our seats were perfect! I'll send you a ph

    Pernambuco, Brazil - Junqueira Viagens - Patricia Muniz

  • We've just returned from the Harry Potter Studio Tour. AMAZING! Sooo happy that I know you and that you are not only kind but also magical!

    Plano, Texas - Travel With Melissa - Melissa McKinley

  • My clients returned from their London trip and said they had a blast and would not have changed any details.

    Plano, Texas, USA - Sandy Clark Travel - Sandy Clark

  • The trip in London was wonderful, everything was very nice and they were more than happy.

    Prague, Czech Republic - PPF Banka - Andrea Kuchařová

  • Hi Julia, They were SO happy – they had an amazing time and everything worked out so well! ​​​​​​​Thank you for taking such good care of them in both London and Edinburgh!

    Purchase - Valerie Wilson Travel - Jocelyn Sontag

  • Hello there, I can just say, this is honestly the best kind of service I have ever encountered! For you to check in with me to reassure me that my clients are having a great time is above and beyond and I cannot say thank you enough. From start to finish,

    Queensland - MTA Travel - Rhiannon Hutton

  • Thanks again for all your assistance. You were a rockstar, especially on the few occasions when things went a little sideways.

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - 2 Sisters Travel - Teresa McCombs

  • Last night was wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work and assistance to make this such a great event.

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - FROSCH Private Client Services - Karen Schueller

  • I seriously can't say one negative comment. It was AMAZING! You did well, Slaw. Thank you for making their vacation seamless!

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - Travel Experts - Tracy Donley

  • Many and sincere thanks for you help, patience, hard work and dedication in making this a special trip for them!

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - Travel Experts - Linda Bailey

  • Zara and her people have taken great care of us. We have had many private tour guides and drivers on our trips, but Russell and Catalin truly have made an incredible experience. Thank you again for all your help!

    Richardson, Texas, USA - Canyon Creek Travel - Judy Martinez

  • Wonderful and thank you – I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been by this whole design process with you and your team!

    Richmond, England - Katherine Gould Travel - Katherine Gould

  • Mais uma vez, uma excelente recomendação de hotel!

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - LTN - Elisa Macedo

  • The clients, including the global directors and all of the guests, are very happy with the event. Queen of Clubs, you are the best!

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Plantel Turismo - Christinne Scherer

  • Sofia good day, I spoke to the client today. They had a fantastic time! The trip was fantastic, and the guides were fantastic! Thank you

    Rockwall, Texas - Lifetime Getaways - Michael Podina

  • My goodness, but I just continue to have NO idea how you and your company do these things!

    Saltdean, Brighton, England - Your Paris Experience - Lisa Buros-Hutchins

  • My clients in Scotland with Queen of Clubs are absolutely thrilled beyond belief with their guide and everything else!

    San Diego, California - A Moveable Feast Travel - Janice Chieffo

  • Thank you ever so much! I am seriously over the moon with how Ada’s trip went, but more so I am impressed with the level of attention you were willing to give me.

    San Diego, USA - Cadence Travel - Lisa Buros-Hutchins

  • Wonderful! The boys had a spectacular time and I appreciate your assistance with everything!

    San Diego, USA - Elite Travel International - Andrea Strahl

  • Clients were thrilled with all services and wanted to be sure to personally thanked the team!

    San Diego, USA - Just Escape Travel - Michelle Barth

  • Dear Julia, I hope you are doing well. I had lunch today with the clients and they loved their time with you in London! They said the guides were fantastic and wished they had more time there and want to return. They felt they had seen a lot of London in

    Santa Barbara, California - Black Label Travel - Kim Rickels

  • Thank you to you and the team for the wonderful experience that my client had. She gave me fantastic feedback and was so happy with David and how wonderful the QOC team communicated with her. Thank you for making me look like a rock star!

    Santa Barbara, California, USA - Montecito Village Travel - Jason Lawenda

  • Thank you to EVERYONE, especially Stephen, Antonio, Slawomir and all the drivers and guides for pulling off such an INCREDIBLE trip, up against the odds and all the while so so so last minute.

    Santa Barbara, California, USA - Thurston Rivera Luxury Travel - Danielle Thurston

  • Well I don’t know if we could all ask for a better review from clients! EVERYTHING about this trip, from working with you and the team to this email from the family upon return, has been dreamy. THANK YOU and the whole team of guides and drivers for makin

    Santa Barbara, California, USA - Thurston Riviera Luxury Travel - Danielle Thurston

  • Just a quick email to say thank you! The client left UK today very impressed with the quality of our services! Everything was exceptional!

    São Paulo - Top Travellers - Tatiana Rozadoa

  • Thank you so much for being such a great partner and for continuing to wow my clients -- thank you thank you thank you!

    São Paulo, Brazil - Jazz Side - Pedro Opice

  • They really enjoyed the tour and the guide! Thank you so much! It was a success.!

    São Paulo, Brazil - Matueté - Thais Yumi

  • My client told me that all provided services were wonderful!

    São Paulo, Brazil - Ski Brasil - Nora Aidar

  • The cars are just excellent, drivers very kind, we've had an impeccable experience!

    São Paulo, Brazil - Teresa Perez - Tomas Perez

  • My client came back just amazed with everything in London! Your services were perfect! Thanks a lot, you are our best partner. !

    São Paulo, Brazil - Teresa Perez - Kikka Depianti

  • When I just called the emergency phone yesterday and noticed that you were on the other side, well, basically it was a relief. ​​​​​​​ Thanks a lot for outstanding dedication with our client, everything was incredible!

    São Paulo, Brazil - Teresa Perez - Danilo Ribero

  • You were wonderful to have helped us in this case. Once again thank you!

    São Paulo, Brazil - Teresa Perez - Alane Freitas

  • Thank you very much for all the help and support in this case, you are the BEST!

    São Paulo, Brazil - Wesley Macedo - Teresa Perez

  • I absolutely LOVE working with Queen of Clubs. They are quick to respond, great to work with and my clients are always thrilled.

    Scottsdale - Holiday Cruises & Tours - Mary Greenberg

  • Hi Ketty, Thanks so much and I hope all is well! It is a lovely itinerary and came in right on budget which was great! The clients really like it!! Thank you again,

    Singapor - Lightfoot Travel - Belinda Rothwell

  • From the vehicle, drivers to the guide – everything was wonderful. ​​​​​​​VERY BIG THANK YOU to you and everyone who has assisted us in making this trip a memorable one for our guests!

    Singapore - Quotient Travel Planner - Tung Ling Wong

  • Thank you for everything, especially with the constant changes while in country. This was my first trip with them and they are thrilled, thanks for making me look good, as always!

    St. Helena, California, USA - Azurine Travel - Michelle Murre

  • My clients absolutely loved their trip to Paris and London. Everything was on point and they’re looking to travel again to Europe next year! I truly love working with you all and look forward to bringing you more clients!

    St. Louis - Acendas Travel - Colleen Campanella

  • He said he would definitely recommend Queen of Clubs. Thank you so much for looking after them so well.

    Sydney, Australia - Black Book Travel - Lisa McFadyen

  • I want to praise Julia & Tiago for their help with my client's upcoming travels to London & Scotland. This is a very dear client and I feel so good knowing they'll be in good hands during their travels in July!

    Tampa - Eden Luxe Travel - Heather Ciampini

  • Your emergency team is incredible! Thanks so much!

    Texas - Indagare Travel - Megan Coy

  • The clients have been raving about their trip. They are SO happy and blown away with the seamless service and expertise we provided. I want to thank you very much for treating my clients with such care!

    Traverse City, Michigan, USA - CLW Travel - Courtney Watts

  • She is 80+ and struggles to get around and has end-stage cancer. This was her "last" trip and she was so happy to share it with her daughter and grandchildren. 

    Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Duffy Destinations - Jamey Logan Duffy

  • The Man City seats were incredible. Second row at midfield. Could not have been better. Griff was over the moon. Thank you for all of your help.

    Vancouver - Caroline Travels the World - Emily Handley

  • She made it happen! A Christmas miracle! You all are so great. Many thanks!

    Virginia - Avenue Two Travel - Cannon Spotswood

  • You all did an amazing job and I certainly appreciate all your work and will reach out again for sure! thank you again - I absolutely loved It!

    Virginia - Capper Cruise and Travel - Michelle Cunningham

  • I wanted to share some feedback from the clients. They had such a wonderful trip! Thank you for helping to put this trip together for this sweet family! Thank you again for your partnership! I am so grateful!

    Virginia - Thrive and Wander Luxury Travel - Jodie Wert

  • Thank you, Paola! I just spoke with the client, and they loved the Churchill War Rooms with the director. I truly appreciate all of the assistance and flexibility the QOC team had. There were so many last-minute changes!

    West Chester, Pennsylvania - Whirlaway Travel - Jamie Jones

  • I want to thank you for the great trip to London. The tours were AMAZING!

    Weston, England - Master Travel - Michelle Orr

  • I would not hesitate to use Queen of Clubs in the future or recommend the company to colleagues. I think these clients are very hard to please and you did an amazing job putting this together in such a short timeframe. I appreciate everything!

    Wisconsin - Every Moment Counts Travel - Kelly Mahabier

  • I finally spoke with my clients and they were thrilled with how everything went. Thanks so much for helping out with this last minute booking!

    Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA - Singer Travel - Sue Moore


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