Thanks again for all of your help today! I just heard from the family and they loved the tour and the Raven Master was a hit. Their response is below.


    "It was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Thank you. At dinner- so wonderful!"

  • A poet once said “…through the trials and tribulations…” My travels were certainly an unforgettable experience that encompassed nearly 2 years of planning and replanning, the tireless efforts of Jennifer and her team must receive the highest commendations. I rechecked my notes and saw that my first deposit for airfare was paid in November of 2019…but then, the “fun” started. Four reschedules later… and a tremendous effort by Jennifer, finalized my dream trip for Oct 2021. And it was everything that I had hoped for…with a little hiccup on the side.

    London was amazing as ever. Jennifer was spot-on in recommending the Kensington. It had the best martinis of the entire trip (and I tasted many all over town) and was a quick walk to the Underground for exploring the city. Although I have visited several times in the past (I lived in Portsmouth on-and-off for three years), my travel expert — Hugh — turned out to be a bigger history buff than I. Special access to the Churchill War rooms, a visit to the crypts of (an almost deserted) St. Paul’s and amazing walks through Blenheim and Chartwell. Hugh knew more than just what was in history and guide books….it was an amazing educational and entertaining experience. Stephen and Antonio kept me apprised of my schedule daily and made sure every detail was confirmed. I am already planning a return to follow in the footsteps of T.E. Lawrence… Hugh, you better start reading up!!!

    At the back end of the trip, Venice was starting to come alive. I, too have visited Venice before, but the city seemed to be emerging out of its pandemic isolation and tourists were coming back. So was the water! It wouldn’t be Venice if San Marco were not flooded at least once during the week… it did not disappoint. The Baglioni Hotel Luna was perfectly situated at the corner of the Piazza San Marco, right off the Grand Canal and around the corner from Harry’s Bar (still have great Bellini’s). Alvise, my artisan tour guide, knew the ins-and-outs of the cathedral, the amazing talents on Murano and introduced me to Maestro Pastor and his wood-carving talents. But Jennifer left me just the right amount of time to wander (and get lost in) Venice on my own—it’s the best way to experience the city.

    Unfortunately, the middle of vacation was filled with major upheavals — none of which was due to the actions of Jennifer and her team, but by Belmond. A day before I was to embark on the Orient Express, the entire journey was cancelled. A major disappointment. However, Jennifer, Antonio and Mattia quickly sprang into action and coordinated/expedited/confirmed transport for me from London to Bologna to Venice. It was a major logistics coup and something I could not have done without their help — it turned a nightmare scenario into a (minor) annoyance. But what would life be without such a glitch? This only means that I will have to come back next year for the train experience—and Jennifer is already working on that. I’ll let you all know how that works out this time next year!

    My thanks to Jennifer, Antonio and Mattia for making these weeks a memorable occasion. See you all next year!

  • LaurenI wanted to share my excellent reviews for the first 1/2 of this trip!

    So, The Browns hotel is incredible. A+++++ for service, hospitality, concierge, and the beds are heavenly. I mean so comfortable… Maybe even better than home!
    Everyone is so nice and they knew our name from the second we arrived. Food is excellent as well, and high tea was spectacular. Not sure how we are going to leave here…
    Mini Cooper tour on day one was so much fun. Eloise and Tom were fantastic and just what we needed to stay awake. I was delirious but it was the perfect activity.
    I highly recommend to anyone. We loved all the sites they took us to.
    Soccer match was fantastic. Ben was speechless and, perhaps, just as happy as when he found out he got into Vandy.
    Tottenham stadium is beautiful and we had the best seats we will ever have for a soccer match. Amenities were great too. Even Abby had fun!
    The Churchill war rooms behind the glass was the coolest museum experience we ever had. Our guide, Russell, was perfect, charming and engaging.  
    What a unique experience to be able to be in the actual room and look at the actual chair Winston Churchill sat in. We loved it.
    Westminster Abby was massive. Glad we had Russell to keep us engaged for that one :)
    My mom is really enjoying everything as well. It’s so nice to have her with us.
    Tomorrow we are off to Stonehenge, and so excited to spend the next three days out of the city.
    We have to say this is the perfect way to plan the trip. To be here over Easter weekend and enjoy the city without all the hustle of the work day was really nice.
    Ok, Jonathan just asked if I was writing War and Peace so I will wrap up! One last thing… my kids unanimously agree all dinners are winners so far.
    Thank you again for helping plan another trip of a lifetime. I’ll make sure the review for the next 3 days is shorter!

    Lauren - Amanda Poses

  • I just wanted to send a quick note and thank you all for your help.  Chris emailed me and thanked me for everything.  It seems all went well. As always, you guys pulled through for us and made it happen at the last-minute.  I can’t thank you enough.  He is a VERY important client for me so you have no idea how much that helped!  You made us shine like stars!

  • Hi Filippo, My client really liked the guide on Saturday, he said she was really nice and helpful! Thank you so much!

  • Un placer trabajar con Jennifer gracias a ella la familia esta tan contenta! Tambien es un placer cuando hablamos con Fabrizio o Sylvia en Paris Tenes un grupo maravilloso! Ojala tengamos mucho trabajo en conjunto!

  • Thank you again for everything!

    Your help was outstanding in pulling this together.

    I raved about you to my boss so that it comes up in our meeting!

  • AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Florent I so appreciate all of your help these past two weeks!!!!!! All the best, Kim

  • Dear Filippo, The services provided were overall outstanding. Tickets for Wimbledon simply the best possible in the whole stadium and my client knew how difficult was to achieve them for that particular match! A big thank you for taking so much care of my client.

  • Filippo, mi cliente me dijo, excelente, todo bien, y ayer le pregunté, como si fuera todo, me escribió: "Todo buenisimooooooooooooo". ¡Entonces es mucho decir que no es fácil de complacer! Y confía, con los ojos cerrados ... ¡ Muchas gracias!

  • Thank you all so much!!! John Flake sent a quick email and send "everything was flawless and the trip a 10/10".

    You are all incredible!!

  • Thank you for clarifying! She had a WONDERFUL time – loved every driver and guide.  Thank you so much for taking great care of her…. Jennifer – she is taking the family to Paris over Christmas this year (flights and hotel booked) but would like Q of C help with touring, etc. I will be in touch. Thank you, Lauren.

  • We very much enjoyed our trip- thank you so much for the hard work that went into it. All the vendors, guides, etc were on time, professional and very good. Really the entire trip was executed great and we enjoyed it very much!! Gosh- I don’t know what was our favorite- they were ALL really great! We wouldn’t change anything, to be honest. The open air showing of EVITA was amazing, as was the venue- if really was great!

  • Good evening,
    I wanted to give you all a recap of our time in London and Paris!
    London in a Black Cab – Guide: David – This was great! Really gave us the lay of the land and David was incredibly knowledgeable! He was like a walking encyclopedia. We were still a little jet-lagged as it was our first full day, so I’m sure David thought the girls were not interested in anything – but they were just tired. My oldest actually randomly recited a fact David told us the other day! She remembered that the Thames used to be full of poop ages ago HA! Naturally that stuck with her – kids! By the end of tour, my husband and I were convinced David was secretly related to the Royal Family or something – he just kept dropping little nuggets about his family history and it was so intriguing!
    East End Food Tour – Guide: David (different from above) – This was fantastic! It was incredibly cold the day we went, but my girls barely noticed because he did such a good job keeping them engaged! The food stops he had were all really good – I loved that they were a bit off the beaten path and places we wouldn’t have known to try on our own. David was engaging, funny, and really down to earth. My husband hit it off with him right away and we were sad to see the tour end!
    Paris for Kids – I liked this tour because the girls go to see an overview of quite a few things. She took us over to some hidden gems (veterans museum/hospital) which was really interesting because we were able to get a few pictures without anyone in the frame – which has never happened to me in all the times I’ve been to Paris ha! The chocolate stop was really interesting to the kids and they enjoyed Montmartre.
    Macaron Cooking Class – This was a highlight of our time in Paris for sure! Lili and Chloe were fantastic – engaging, kind, knowledgeable and really comfortable around kids. I would do this experience again in a heartbeat! The best part is that some cooking classes feel more like just watching – but we truly got to make our own and do every step which kept the girls engaged from beginning to end.
    Our transfers went smoothly and the drivers were great! I can’t thank you guys and your team enough for all your work on what was truly a magical trip for my family and me.


  • My day has been one for the books!!!
    Two people have gone above and beyond to help me.
    Zara at Queen of Clubs has worked with me since last night until just a few minutes ago to book client
    PCR TESTING upon ARRIVAL in London MONDAY MORNING at his hotel!!!
    He is guaranteed results in 4 hours, so he won’t have to quarantine.
    She’s also confirming Antigen testing at his hotel for return!!!

  • Cannot thank you enough. We've just returned from the Harry Potter Studio Tour. AMAZING!
    Loved every second of having a private guide. Brilliant. Best decision ever.
    Sooo happy that I know you and that you are not only kind but also magical!

  • We had a call with the client to go over the trip. He had not ONE complaint...he loved it all!!! Thank you guys so much for all your help with the group:) Thank you so much!

  • I wanted to let you know that the clients absolutely loved their trip. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Hi Florent
    I apologize for the fire drill on this one.

    PLEASE know how much we appreciate all of your incredible help!!!
    What a privilege it is to work with you an we are grateful for everything you do for us.
    Take good care

  • HI Ekaterina THANK-YOU For all your hard work on pulling the Moulleberteaux trip together. WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

  • Jen, Hope you’re well! I have to sing the praises of Stephen and the team in London. When my very top client texted me late Tuesday that he wanted a helicopter to take him to a party Wednesday afternoon (!), I knew to call QofC. Despite very tricky logistics and multiple complications, Stephen handled it all — gracefully and thoroughly. Truly above and beyond! Tiffany.

  • We absolutely loved everything about our guides. The boat trip today was my favorite. The skipper so delightful and flexible. Lunch was gorgeous and delicious. We are sad tomorrow is our last tour. Everything and every one has exceeded our expectations. Thank you for all your help and setting up everything so wonderful and thank you for making everything work out so seamlessly. 

  • Antonio!!!

    You absolutely and totally killed it. I know it was a bit challenging but you are a true professional.

    I’m grateful for your expertise, knowledge and everything else! 

    Thank you! 


  • It is great, you did a very good job in a very short time. Thank you. They enjoyed very much their time!

  • Greetings Susana,
    Being on West Coast Time we are seeing this now and so appreciate your assistance! Our clients raved about their tour with you and so we are so happy to hear they requested another and appreciate your quick and helpful response to them! We have noted the change and look forward to hearing all about their experience! Working with you has been wonderful and we look forward to the next!

    Trisha and Danielle 

  • We just returned from our trip to Spain which followed our beautifully organized trip to Scotland and France. I found you and your office staff to be professional, timely, and very easy to work with. I was always informed of pick-up times the night before and would get periodic text messages checking on how we were doing. I will continue to sing your praises to family and friends as I share details and pictures from our trip. Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful trip for us. The entire family agrees that it was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you so very much for making it happen. 

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such a fantastic experience throughout the entire trip. And to each of you for coming to spend time with us. It was truly a real pleasure getting to know each of you. The trip unforgettable…we had so much fun. And laughed a lot. We hope to send you lots of business! Please do send this note on to your other colleague who was with us on the boat cruise who’s card I lost. Hope to see you all in some part of the world soon! Thanks again

  • Hey!! I just paid! Thank you so so much. The trip was trulyunbelievable! Everyone was unreal sweet and helpful. And were so sweet to the kids!!!
    Can’t wait for next time!!
    Thank you!

  • Amazing trip! Could not have been better- the new standard. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Hi Jennifer, Hope you are well. Thanks so much for the help with my clients in London with the last minute heli trip that Ekaterina made miracles happen and clients LOVED.


  • Hello Stephen
    I just to say Thank you for the services. We had an amazing day with Martin yesterday and really loving the Marylebone area today.
    Today's driver was great as he texted me along the way picking up and dropping luggage. Unfortunately i did not get to meet any driver because we were already out and about.
    Our arrival to Gatwick was easy but traffic was brutal, which is no one's fault. Samir, the driver was real nice.
    Thank you again and looking forward to working with Queen of Clubs.
    Best regards.

  • We love Queen of Clubs!! Thank you so much for setting up such great experiences on our FAM and all of the amazing work you do for our clients.

  • The Black Cab tour with Maitland and driver, Steve – “impeccable!... would enthusiastically recommend… them… Her knowledge is amazing and her curiosity for her work never ceases… She and Steve work wonderfully together – very much in tandem.  A must in London traffic.” Edinburgh tour with Alisdair – “Absolutely amazing… It was a really wonderful day” They have been so happy with your guides and arrangements.  Thank you so much!  

  • Filippo, los Palacios fenomenal, eres un crack! Bueno todo perfecto, la verdad es que trabajas fenomenal da gusto.

  • Hola Chiara! Todo estuvo perfecto! muchísimas gracias por todas sus atenciones! proximamente estaremos programando otro viaje. Te agradezco de nueva cuenta!

  • Estimadísimos Filippe y Paola, Qué gusto de verdad que volvemos a trabajar juntos. Los quiero felicitar por la disposición absoluta y gran servicio brindado por Paola y todo su equipo. Les pido una sincera disculpa por los cambios e imprevistos que hemos tenido, como ya lo podrán ver, son clientes exigentes y algo complicados en su toma de decisiones pero estamos seguros que toda saldrá bien. Les agradezco mucho su apoyo y espero vernos pronto para platicar de futuros proyectos en conjunto y estoy seguro que a partir de ahora vendrán más ventas interesantes como esta. Les mando un fuerte abrazo, Carlo

  • El cliente (el mismo que pidió los traslados en Londres para el Bvlgari) quedó encantado con su servicio en Londres y ahora me pide le apoyen cotizando sus traslados en París.

  • Dearest Filippo, Ekaterina y Tiago, Just a note from the plane ready to depart from Paris. I want to thank you for all your help and for organizing my trip, I had a wonderful time everything flowed nicely and I enjoyed my days in Ireland and Scotland very much. Both guides were just wonderful very knowledgeable and very flexible I will, of course, tell my experience to the whole sales team in Mexico and suggest they work these countries with QofC I achieved wonderful memories from this trip so again thanks so much for your kind help. 

  • Filippo Querido, Gracias a ti y al equipo de Queen of Clubs que hizo posible el viaje de mis clientes, estuvieron muy contentos, lo disfrutaron muchísimo. Me alegra saber que todo salió bien y gracias a ustedes. Por favor extiende a Stephen mi agradecimiento, pues por su paciencia, dedicación y apoyo, el viaje fue un éxito!!

  • Ya estamos en Londres, donde nos recibió un chofer de Queen of Clubs en una van muy bonita y cómoda, y con gran actitud de servicio y amabilidad. Mil gracias de nuevo, todo va de maravilla.

  • Querido Filippo, todo perfecto con la familia y la cena en el barco una maravilla. Queen of Clubs es unica de verdad.

  • You are definitely one of the most concise and professional companies I have ever contacted. Thank you for all of the time you put into this proposal. I will be calling you in the future.

  • Caro Filippo, non so come ringraziarti per l'eccellenza dei servizi resi alla nostra azienda, le auto, tutte nuovissime, gli autisti, impeccabili. Un caro saluto e a presto.

  • I am so grateful that I found you! Your itinerary was perfect. We loved Martin, he was fun and informative. PJ was an excellent driver. Having the tickets and reservations ahead of time made our trip so easy. My son loved the show at the Vic and my highlight was the tour of Buckingham Palace! Thank you so very much for all of your work and input. All the best Kate Margolis


  • Jennifer made the logistical arrangements for much of our March 2017 trip to London, Bruges, Normandy and Paris. She went above and beyond just making reservations for us. She had our Eurostar tickets delivered to our hotel in London and our train tickets from Caen to Paris to our hotel in Bayeux. She made all our dinner reservations in Paris at Michelin star restaurants. She was an absolute delight to deal with, "got" us immediately and her advice was not merely useful but spot on. She knows London as well as Paris and guided us to a wonderful meal at a top Indian restaurant.

  • Just arrived home and want to thank you, for making this an incredible weekend for us. Thank you again, you were all delightful and made the weekend. Even more special by being so wonderful.

  • Just wanted you to know all of your arrangements were perfect. Guides were amazing. Patrick who toured with us to Tower of London and Westminster Abbey etc. was fabulous. Everyone was very accommodating.

  • They loved the tour and the guide you assigned to them I forgot his name, but the was amazing and they still talk about “the guide” in London He gave them so much insight in such a short time .. it was all great! And very professional driver as always!

  • Dear Jennifer, I want to preempt our meeting with a heartfelt thank you for your overly generous and gracious hospitality this past week. We had an extraordinary and most memorable experience in London thanks to you Our guide was truly great with the kids. She was patient, insightful and fun. She really connected with everyone and made our limited time productive and informative. A million thank yous again for your extreme generosity and ongoing partnership.

  • Hi Marine, I just wanted to share some nice feedback received from the client “The day was wonderful. Augusta was delightful and so was our driver Samir. Augusta told us wonderful stories on our journey into London. Adam and AJ and Ernest traveled back to Wembley by train and I was able to buy what I needed in Harrods”. Thanks for your work and help on this booking. Best, Christina. 

  • Everything was just perfect, you are the best DMC that she ever worked with!

  • Hey Jennifer, You and your people were amazing! I only wish I found you sooner. Looking forward to the next one! You make it so easy for me and because of you also look great to my clients!

  • Thank you so much! Everything went very well and Lennie took great care of us. I really appreciate your help with our trip and look forward to planning future client trips to Scotland together!

  • Thanks for the phenomenal tour!

    The guide was friendly, knowledgeable, informative, and social. He’s a walking encyclopedia of information.

    I enjoyed every minute with him! Would highly recommend clients such tours.
    Jay Schwartz

  • I just wanted to thank you again for another amazing trip you put together and executed for my clients. I just received a great email from my client thanking me and she mentioned the "trip was perfection". Always a pleasure working with you and thanks for your continued patience with me and my clients.

  • Hi Florent, Thank you so much for all your assistance with our clients’ tours on Thursday and Saturday. We really appreciated your updates and it was a pleasure to work with you! We look forward to working again in the future!

  • Stephen, thank you so much for all your help on this. The cake was absolutely perfect! So much so that the client would like to arrange another delivery for bespoke cake this weekend along with a floral arrangement.

  • Thanks again for all your help this past month. My client was very pleased. In fact he wishes you guys were in New York! Thank you for making everything work smoothly despite being shorthanded. As always, thanks for a job well done, Stephen.

  • They had the BEST time!
    Datevik, thank you for everything you did for them. They just LOVE Queen as Clubs as much as I do!

  • I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in organizing a successful tour for my team during our visit to London this past Sunday. You should be aware that Martin was excellent and my gang was very impressed by his knowledge and elegance. Thank you again.

  • Hello Paola, Mr. Murdock was very pleased with the day they had with your people:)!!!! Thank you so much for adding a feather in my cap. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viviane

  • Thank you Stephen for your ENDLESS patience and calm guidance through everything.. I say it everyday we could not do it without you!

  • My client enjoyed the hotel very much and said it was the best there. Many thanks for your help!!

  • My family had a wonderful time at the British Grand Prix. Thanks for getting everything set up, it went really smoothly so we were able to just focus on enjoying ourselves.

  • Dear Sandy,

    I have worked with Tiago and Queen of Clubs on many trips,
    both within the US, Europe and transatlantic.
    Without fail, Tiago and his team respond quickly all the time – I sometimes think they don’t sleep at all! No question goes unanswered and no request is too difficult. Their pricing is the best in the industry and always presented with photos and details. Contracts and paperwork are simple and dispatched quickly and, once confirmed, full details are updated right up to departure time. And then they inform me of the landing too. It’s wonderful to work with a company who understands that we like to know our clients are on the way, landed and taken care of. I’ve never had a problem at any point of the process. 
    You can book with Queen of Clubs with assurance. You are in excellent hands.


  • I really appreciate the quick turnaround. The QofClubs team is always able to pull through in these last minute instances : )

  • Wow! Jennifer, the driver was absolutely incredible. Please pass along my highest praise, as he really went above and beyond to ensure a seamless transfer experience. What a wonderful experience, that I know my clients will appreciate.

  • Sylvia/Stephen/Filippo and Jennifer, Just a quick note again of thanks for everything. You are all golden and I greatly appreciate and enjoy working with all of you!

  • A heartfelt gigantic THANK YOU/GRAZIE/ MERCI/DONKA!

    However many languages it takes to say it in, it must be said, once again, Queen of Clubs came through in an amazing way!

    We had something fall through the cracks today - our fault - with one of our mutual regular valued client.

    Antonio snapped into immediate action and we were able to salvage a bad situation - we got a driver to a location and collected him and got him safely back on his flight to NY this evening.
    Again, a million thanks as always for being such unbelievable partners.

  • Dear Jennifer,

    On behalf of the Protravel executive committee, who represents all of the employees of our great company and myself we want to say thank you. We reached out to our advisors and asked them to recognize anyone who has gone above and beyond in servicing their needs and your name was mentioned.

    Needless to say, this year we are experiencing the most unusual times in our lives. We are all trying to stay connected and work with one another to the best of our abilities. When someone such as yourself and your company goes above and beyond to help the scenarios involved, we want to show our gratitude and give a big thank you for being there for us. It’s times like this where partnering means so much and your value is so greatly appreciated.

    Please stay safe and healthy. There is no doubt that we will get through this and we will all be stronger and better than what we used to be.

    Becky and Andy

  • I had a couple more clients use Queen of Clubs service recently and they said it was the best part of their trip.

  • The company I use is Queen of Clubs, Luxury Lifestyle Services for all my transfers, guides, theatre tickets, dinner reservations etc, in London/Paris/S of France/and Italy and I must say that everyone who I and my associates at Tzell, who use them, has been delighted. 

  • Dear Filippo, The services provided were just excellent, the client said the car was the latest model of BMW with the best comfort, so he enjoyed very much his trip.

  • The seats at the game were amazing! Wow! So close to the field! We could literally hear the players! We had a fantastic time! Thank you again to you both! Thank you again so much!

  • Good Afternoon Florent, Thank you so much for the update! You are so great to work with..... Excellent service. I appreciate you! Kind Regards, Drenda.

  • Good morning,

    My clients returned from their London trip and said they had a blast and would not have changed any details.

    Thank you for your assistance and support!

    Sandy Clark


  • I just had my client in my office and the trip in London was wonderful , everything was very nice and they were more than happy. The organisation was very very good and thank you very much for all help and suggestions!

  • Hi All, Last night was wonderful. Very well received by all.  Thank you for all your hard work and assistance to make this such a great event. Many thanks, Karen. 

  • Have spoken to my clients and they were over the moon about their time in London, and especially loved Russell. They could not stop going on about how much they enjoyed their time with him. Many and sincere thanks for you help, patience, hard work and dedication in making this a special trip for them!

  • Wonderful and thank you – I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been by this whole design process with you and your team!!!

  • Mais uma vez, uma excelente recomendação de hotel! Achei tudo realmente muito muito bom Gostei tanto que acho que vou ficar freguês regular!

  • So I received the best comment about you, your team and all of services from your company. The clients, including the global directors and all of the guests are very happy with the event. Congratulations for everyone from Queen of Clubs, you are the best!

  • My goodness, but I just continue to have NO idea how you and your company do these things!

    Ekaterina, I am deeply grateful to you for finding a way to work this out. I have literally had sleepless nights on this one worried how I was going to explain this to Ada and her family that we did not have this experience reserved for them. Thank you!

    I am really appreciative. I am impressed you were able and willing to rectify this for me. I will not ever forget this one.

    Enjoy your evening!
    Kind regards,

  • My clients in Scotland with Queen of Clubs are absolutely thrilled beyond belief with their guide and everything else.

  • Wonderful! The boys had a spectacular time and I appreciate your assistance with everything. 

  • Hi Paola, Clients were thrilled with all services and wanted to be sure to personally thank the team! They will be back in South Hampton next year, heading to Scotland so maybe they will be needing additional services in the UK. I will surely keep you posted. Have a great day ahead! Sincerely,

  • Jennifer, Thank you for everything. The trips that you have arranged for us have been truly great! Karol 

  • My client said they loved the wine & cheese tasting - they learned a lot and had fun. They said the dinner cruise was awesome and seeing the Eiffel Tower light up at night was amazing, it was the highlight of their trip. In Paris, the time was totally planned and he said Paris just blew him away. Thank you so much for being such a great partner and for continuing to wow my clients -- thank you thank you thank you!

  • Hi Ekaterina, Isadora will send you the invoice next week! Just wanted to let you know that the girls had a great time in London. They really enjoyed the tour and the guide! Thank you so much!! It was a success. Warmest, Thais.

  • Hi Filippo, My client told me that all provided services were wonderful!

  • The cars are just excellent, drivers very kind, we've had an impeccable experience, thank you so much! 

  • Dear Filippo, My client came back just amazed with everything in London!!!!! Your services were perfect! Thanks a lot, you are our best partner.

  • My dearest Ekaterina, good afternoon!! When I just called the emergency phone yesterday and noticed that you were on the other side, well, basically it was a relief... It's amazing to have someone to count on in UK, definitely. Thanks a lot for outstanding dedication with our client, everything was incredible!!

  • Dear Ekaterina,  You were wonderful to have helped us in this case. Once again thank you! 

  • Thank you very much for all the help and support in this case, you are the BEST!

  • They commented that the trip went very well and they had a wonderful experience. The organisers also felt that the schedule was managed well with zero delays. Personally, I am really happy with the services. From the vehicle, drivers to the guide – everything was wonderful. VERY BIG THANK YOU to you and everyone who has assisted us in making this trip a memorable one for our guests!

  • Hi, I hope you guys had a great weekend!

    I had a call with Ramsay on Friday and she raved about all her services, especially the guides.

    Thank you for everything, esp with the constant changes while in country.

    This was my first trip with them and they are thrilled, thanks for making me look good, as always!

  • Hi Jennifer, Mr Bryan Rose just sent an email in regards to his private tour of the Tower of London with David. He said it was excellent! the whole family thoroughly enjoyed the tour and David was amazing! He said he was worried with the "cheap" price! As he looked online and they were all double the price even with my mark up. But he said he would definitely recommend Queen of Clubs. For his next trip next year, he will be more organised and book more tours. Thank you so much for looking after them so well.

  • Tiago, Jennifer,

    You guys are the best - thank you! This was so smooth. I can't wait to work with you again soon!

  • Hi Ekaterina,

    I want to thank you for the great trip to London you helped plan!

    The tours were AMAZING and I particularly loved David Collins.

    Michelle Orr