Summer Starts Today - 'Solstice Digital Age'

In the Northern hemisphere the summer solstice is the longest day of the year and when the astronomical summer begins.

The solstice is the moment when the Sun reaches in its apparent path along the ecliptic, the point of maximum or minimum declination – the maximum in the case of the summer solstice. That is, the Sun culminates at its zenith, at the highest point concerning the horizon of its annual route. Since the summer solstice is also the day of the year when the sunlight lasts longer, and wins over the night and the shadow in pagan religions around the world – especially those closest to the Poles – this day is celebrated with special rites.

The mysterious Stonehenge complex is arranged so that the sun’s rays fall on a block of stone placed in the center, at the dawn of the summer solstice. That’s why this place is so special, and due to the current circumstances, this year, unfortunately, there won’t be thousands of people gathering there to watch the sunrise.

The pandemic has forced us to stay at home, but nothing will ever stop us from travelling across our extraordinary world, especially now in the digital age. So, for the first time the summer solstice will stream live today from 20:30 to 05:30 – BST time.

We’ll be there from home, and you?!