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Personal Services

Personal Security

For us, security is an important factor in the full enjoyment of your activities. For this reason, we create and deliver bespoke solutions to ensure the safety of those under our protection.



Get the most out of your time while on holiday and allow the stress of decision-making to disappear by bringing on board one of our skilled and discrete fixers. A day of busy planning becomes a day of pure relaxation as your assistant takes care of all the logistics and last-minute issues that may occur.

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Lifestyle Bookings

Ease your travels by having our team book and hold all your reservations for you. Whether it be for night clubs or restaurants, we have you covered. We will not let you miss out on any of the fun!


Private Chef

Turn your house into a culinary spot! You do not have to leave your house to enjoy professional cuisine. Your private chef will buy the ingredients, cook in your home, serve the dish, and clean up before leaving. You will only enjoy the experience!



‘Wine is bottled poetry’ someone once said, and we totally agree! Our licensed sommeliers will take you for wine tastings and exclusive tours to normally closed vineyards. They can also host educational wine tastings where you will learn about the times and methods of wine production, from grape harvesting to fermentation, up to aging. Let yourself be guided by the senses!


Personal Grocer

Whatever you may wish for during your stay, we will accommodate your request by ensuring your grocery shopping will be stored at your accommodation upon your arrival. What better way to ease the start of your blissful holidays?


Private Guide

Just arrived and you do not know where your places of interest are? Our official, licensed guides will take you to the discovery of a new city and all its hidden corners. They have been selected for their exceptional characters, genuine friendliness and vast knowledge, as well as proficiency in over ten languages. United by their deep passion for their city, all of our guides have a unique ability to make history come to life!


Art Specialist

Adorn your walls with exceptional artwork and ensure that your collection is both an investment and visual masterpiece. A professional art consultant can source the very best pieces according to the tastes that compliment your current collection.



Spend several hours exploring the city and also discover monuments that date back to ancient times. Our historian will guide you through the sights and you will learn all about the notable past events, such as military conflicts, political milestones, and social movements. If you are passionate about history or our society's evolution throughout time, do not miss this incredible experience. You will learn how to compare past and current events and to predict what the future might be!


Local Artisan

Local artisans are gifted people that we always support for their talent and commitment to making the world a better place by using sustainable materials. In a world where there are so many mass-produced products, it is hard to find something unique and special. Local artisans make handmade products with impeccable craftsmanship using interesting and recycled materials. Meet extraordinary local artisans at work and take home with you a memorable piece!


Food Expert

Are you ready for a tasty tour? Our food expert will take you to discover the British culinary culture, introducing you to regional cuisines from each city, village and region. Your expert guide will also teach you the origin and production of all the food you can taste, and carefully explain how each dish is prepared. Gourmets will love this tour!



Ready to take away some great photographs of yourself while exploring a new destination? Your private photographer will capture stunning photos of you, your family and friends, while also creating memories of a lifetime.

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Proposal Planning

Even if you are sure your partner will say yes, proposing can be a tricky thing! We understand it is a personal and emotional event and we will help you plan this special moment with discretion. Whether you would like to propose on top of a mountain, on a trip, with champagne and flowers, with your four-legged friends, or surrounded by your family, we will make sure the idea is the greatest of all time!



Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is about sharing your love with people that matter to you. On this special day all elements have to be perfectly harmonised. Venue, catering and banqueting, flower and light design, entertainment, graphic design, photography and video, make-up artist and hair style, mise en place and table design, wedding gifts, style and image consultant, cake design, ceremony dresses. Love matters, but these too and we are here to help!


Vow Renewal

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. But what if you could relive that special moment all over again? This is a chance to reaffirm your love and we are here to assist with all you need. From celebrant/officiant to florist, photographer and violinist, we will create unique, meaningful and romantic ceremonies for such an important day.


Gift Deliveries

Whatever the event you are going to celebrate or the location you want to send them, gifts are one of our specialties! We are experts in creating and delivering curated gifts sets for any occasion and request. If you are struggling to order or deliver gifts of any sort from a country far from you, we can do that too.


Sourcing Desired Items

How many times have you searched for specific, rare items that were impossible to find anywhere? Whether your unattainable items are luxury watches and handbags, or rare wines and whisky, we can help you source even the rarest ones. Our worldwide network allows us to find one of a kind products while also securing our clients discretion.


Personal Shopper

Got stuck in rut and you need a fashion twist? Our personal shopper will advise you on the best styles to suit you and give you a professional opinion. Together you will go on a tailored shopping trip, make purchases, and bring freshness and style to your wardrobe. VIP experiences are also available for private styling. We can also source rare, signature items that are difficult to find.


Make-Up & Hair Stylist

Enjoy the convenience of having expert hair and make-up artists come directly to you! Get the high-quality beauty salon experience for day and evening make-up looks in the comfort of your accommodation while on holiday. Your professional stylist will give you a consultation on your desired look before making you fabulous!


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Vintage Shopping

The past decades have had a major impact on the way we dress nowadays, and we are all getting excited about owning the most unique pieces on the market! If you are a vintage lover, we can help you source the most unique clothes as well as bags, jewellery, and shoes. Wild shopping days are waiting for you!


Antique Shopping

Are you passionate about interior design and antiques? Sourcing pieces of furniture of real character has never been so easy! Discover the joy of hunting for vintage in the most diverse and eclectic antique markets, shops and galleries in town. You can go shopping everywhere, but to find quality antiques and interesting artefacts you will need expert hagglers!


Party Planner

There is nothing more fun than celebrating a special occasion with your family and friends. Let us organise these extraordinary events for you! We will tailor your party to your requirements. DJ, performers, dancers, or party theme will be arranged and delivered through creativity and accurate planning.



Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a day to treat your mind, body and soul to blissful peace and detoxification. We offer wellness activities ranging from yoga and pilates to massages and chiropractors. Whatever you may decide on, relaxation will be a guarantee!


Fitness Instructor

Take time out for yourself and experience the wellness life with a professional exercise trainer. A personal trainer can come directly to you at your accommodation or meet you at any outdoor space of your choice. The sessions can be completely tailored to what you and your body need. Whether you pick yoga and pilates, cardio or strength training, your personal trainer will drive you forward and make you feel in touch and one with yourself.



Enjoy your well-deserved quality time, by letting our trusted nannies take care of the children in a fun but professional manner. Whatever languages your children may speak, we will match a suitable, professional nanny with all the necessary safety credentials.

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Kids Summer Camps

Do your kids have an insatiable desire for fun? If so, we hope they are ready for unforgettable days as we have a lot to offer! We can help your kids access fabulous summer camps and programs. You will be able to choose between full time and part-time, subject to availability. Children will be split into different age groups and there will be a wide range of activities they can choose from, such as day trip excursions, sport activities, language courses and many others. Whatever your child may be interested in, we have something in store for them!


Golf Instructor

Whether you are entirely new to the game of golf or you need to freshen your skills, you can enjoy your time on the padding field with your golf instructor. You will learn the game and play around on the field.


Dog Walker

They fill our lives with joy and loyalty, and they are always ready to help. Dogs are our best friends and, as such, they deserve the best. Whether you are leaving your home for a short period of time or a long one, we can help you find the right person for your dogs while you are away, so that they can still enjoy relaxing daily walks. Happiness is guaranteed for both you and your four-legged friend!


Cleaning Services

Everyone would like to live each day to the fullest, but most of the time there are so many things to do, and cleaning is one of those! We can send to your accommodation professional and trained housekeepers for cleaning services of any sort at any time, and free you from this hassle!


Kit & Wheelchair Hire

From highchairs to cribs we have got your back with the best child kit. Whether you are staying in a villa, apartment, castle, or a hotel, we are here to take the stress out of your holiday. We can also help make the process as easy and straightforward as possible for customers who are looking to rent mobility equipment.


Luxury Car Hire

Why just hire a car when you can opt for a car with excellent performance, high quality and comfort? Our array of options includes luxury vehicles for self-drive as well as cars with drivers. Mini Cooper S Cabrio, Mercedes E-Class Cabrio, S-Class, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley, Maserati Levante, Mercedes G 63 AMG, V-Class, Lamborghini Urus are some of the ones you can choose from. Delivery and collection for self-drive rental cars can take place anywhere in Italy and Europe, cars without drivers all over Italy only.


Bespoke Car Tours

What would you choose between the greatest supercars of the future and the most spectacular vintage cars? Hard to pick one? Well, we offer both! Whether you are excited about a bespoke tour with a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche… – we have what suits you! Thrilled about sharing a video of these memorable moments with friends and loved ones? We can help with that too! Professional videos about your experience will be also available on request.


Scooter Hire

Would you like to go for a ride or an outdoor tour, but do not want to give up your comforts? You can still do both! By hiring a scooter, you can quickly and easily reach any of the places you would like to visit. You do not have to worry about anything! Scooter, helmet, gloves and rain protection too will be delivered to your accommodation at any time. Ready for the ride?


Bike Hire

We all love comforts and that is why private car transfers should be a must on a vacation. However, sometimes we need that feeling of freedom by cycling or riding a scooter through the maze of streets of a city. Well, we can arrange this for you! We can provide you with bikes and electric bikes for daily, weekly, and monthly rental with delivery and pick up directly at your accommodation.