London 3 Hours

It was said that the British Empire was built on tea, and today it’s still a large part of the culture.

On this tour, you will learn how to prepare traditional foods for an English afternoon tea party. You will learn closely guarded recipes for the perfect Victoria sponge cake, tasty traditional scones, and crumbly melt-in-the-mouth shortbread. Having perfected these recipes, you will then enjoy your own tea party, sampling various orthodox fine teas whilst dining on your homemade culinary delights.

You will be introduced to different teas that are regarded as being ‘English’. These range from early season first-flush single estate Darjeeling (aptly named the Champagne of tea), malty dark Assam that is more typically regarded as an English tea (often served with milk and sugar), a black Keemun tea from China (more typical of the first type of tea to arrive in the UK over 300 years ago).

Your tutor is one of Great Britain’s most respected authorities on the evolution of the original afternoon tea ritual that materialized in the early 18th Century. She will guide you through the history and context of the afternoon tea party., from the food and drink, the objects and the secret rituals and codes of behaviour. This experience involves making, tasting, learning and experiencing one of England’s finest traditions – your view of the afternoon tea ritual will never be the same again!

What’s included:

• Hands-on workshop: Baking scones, Victoria sponge cake and shortbread. Information will be provided to ensure consistently good results, time after time. Recipes provided.
• Afternoon tea party: we shall consume the cakes, scones and shortbread that you have baked. Caroline will prepare a selection of homemade finger sandwiches, Cornish clotted cream and Little Scarlet Strawberry Jam. This is along with superior English-style teas.
• Explanations about the context and role of the tea party in the social life of elite and middling classes that include the importance of elegant economy.

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