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United Kingdom

  • Jennifer delivered a first-class, organised, spot-on trip!

  • Hello, wanted to let you know we had a wonderful quick trip to London!

  • Our time in Italy and London has been wonderful. Your tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, and the coordinators are very helpful!

  • We had the best trip. Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail. All your efforts made such a difference. Until our next trip!

  • Good afternoon Nicolas, just wanted to reach out and let you know that the clients had an amazing time. It was exactly what they wanted, busy from morning until night.

  • Thank you Ainara, they had a wonderful time!

  • Thank you so much for making this day trip not only possible but a really lovely experience! With all the uncertainty surrounding the passing of the Queen, I appreciate your flexibility and making this happen.

  • Everything in London was awesome! Thank you again for a fantastic trip!

  • Thanks again for all of your help today! I just heard from the family and they loved the tour and the Raven Master was a hit. Their response is below. "It was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Thank you. At dinner- so wonderful!"

  • I wanted to give huge kudos to Antonio, Nikolas and Tiago. All of my clients in London this summer were thrilled with the services provided by Queen of Clubs! 

  • Hi Victor, I just wanted to tell you that the clients were SO happy, they said it was one of the best trips they have ever taken!

  • I need to tell you that every detail of our trip has been absolutely fantastic!

  • They clients said it was a dream-come-true trip. Thank you all for the wonderful partnership!

  • Jennifer, our trip to London and Oxford was truly amazing. I cannot thank you and your team enough for planning a wonderful experience for us!

  • We are getting ready to board our flight back home and I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all that you and your team organized for us! Everyone, from transfer drivers to hotels etc. have been wonderful! Our Wimbledon tickets were perfect!

  • Hello Zara, I finally spoke with my client today and he loved everything about their time there. Your drivers and guides were amazing. Everything went smoothly!

  • My travels were certainly an unforgettable experience that encompassed nearly 2 years of planning and replanning, the tireless efforts of Jennifer and her team must receive the highest commendations. My thanks to Jennifer, Antonio and Mattia for making th

  • We have to say this is the perfect way to plan the trip. To be here over Easter weekend and enjoy the city without all the hustle of the work day was really nice. Thank you again for helping plan another trip of a lifetime!

  • You made us shine like stars!

  • My client really liked the guide, she was really nice and helpful. Thank you so much!

  • Tenes un grupo maravilloso!

  • Your help was outstanding in pulling this together!

  • AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Florent I so appreciate all of your help these past two weeks!!!!!

  • Tickets for Wimbledon simply the best possible in the whole stadium.

  • Filippo, mi cliente me dijo, excelente, todo bien, y ayer le pregunté, como si fuera todo, me escribió: "Todo buenisimooooooooooooo".

  • Hi Zara, thanks for all of your help making our trip to the UK so special!

  • Thank you all so much!!! The client said "everything was flawless and the trip a 10/10". You are all incredible!!

  • She had a WONDERFUL time – loved every driver and guide.

  • Thank you so much for the hard work that went into it. Really the entire trip was executed great and we enjoyed it very much!! I don’t know what was our favorite- they were ALL really great! We wouldn’t change anything, to be honest.

  • I can’t thank you guys and your team enough for all your work on what was truly a magical trip for my family and me.

  • My day has been one for the books!!! Zara at Queen of Clubs has worked with me since last night until just a few minutes ago to book client PCR TESTING upon ARRIVAL in London MONDAY MORNING at his hotel!!!

  • Cannot thank you enough! We've just returned from the Harry Potter Studio Tour. So happy that I know you and that you are not only kind but apparently magical.

  • He had not ONE complaint...he loved it all!!!

  • Hi Jennifer, I wanted to let you know what a joy it was to work with Zara on the referenced itinerary! It greatly exceeded my client’s expectations.

  • The clients loved their trip.

  • PLEASE know how much we appreciate all of your incredible help!!! What a privilege it is to work with you and we are grateful for everything you do for us.

  • THANK YOU for all your hard work on pulling the trip together. WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

  • When my very top client texted me late Tuesday that he wanted a helicopter to take him to a party Wednesday afternoon (!), I knew to call QofC.

  • Everything and everyone has exceeded our expectations.

  • Antonio!!! You absolutely and totally killed it. I know it was a bit challenging but you are a true professional.

  • It is great, you did a very good job in a very short time.

  • Our clients raved about their tour with you and so we are so happy to hear they requested another. Working with you has been wonderful and we look forward to the next!

  • I found you and your office staff to be professional, timely, and very easy to work with.

  • Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic experience throughout the entire trip. The trip unforgettable…we had so much fun. We hope to send you lots of business!

  • Thank you so so much. The trip was truly unbelievable! Everyone was unreal sweet and helpful. And were so sweet to the kids!!! Can’t wait for next time!! Thank you!

  • Amazing trip! Could not have been better- the new standard. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Thanks so much for the help with my clients in London with the last minute heli trip that Ekaterina made miracles happen and clients LOVED.

  • Thank you for the services. We had an amazing day yesterday and really loved today. Thank you again and looking forward to working with Queen of Clubs.

  • We love Queen of Clubs!! Thank you so much for setting up such great experiences on our FAM and all of the amazing work you do for our clients.

  • I loved working with you all, and you will definitely be my go-to in the future!

  • They have been so happy with your guides and arrangements. Thank you so much!

  • Filippo, los Palacios fenomenal, eres un crack!

  • Todo estuvo perfecto! muchísimas gracias por todas sus atenciones!

  • Qué gusto de verdad que volvemos a trabajar juntos. Los quiero felicitar por la disposición absoluta y gran servicio brindado por Paola y todo su equipo.

  • El cliente quedó encantado con su servicio en Londres y ahora me pide le apoyen cotizando sus traslados en París.

  • Both guides were just wonderful very knowledgeable and very flexible. I will, of course, tell my experience to the whole sales team in Mexico and suggest they work these countries with QofC.

  • Gracias a ti y al equipo de Queen of Clubs que hizo posible el viaje de mis clientes, estuvieron muy contentos, lo disfrutaron muchísimo.

  • Mil gracias de nuevo, todo va de maravilla.

  • Queen of Clubs es unica de verdad.

  • You are definitely one of the most concise and professional companies I have ever contacted.

  • Non so come ringraziarti per l'eccellenza dei servizi resi alla nostra azienda durante le Olimpiadi, le auto, tutte nuovissime, gli autisti, impeccabili.

  • Thank you so much for helping us put together another memorable trip with the uniqueness we can only get dealing with your expertise!

  • I am so grateful that I found you! Your itinerary was perfect. Having the tickets and reservations ahead of time made our trip so easy. Thank you so very much for all of your work and input.

  • I could go on and on and on! It was amazing! The most packed four and a half days I have ever completed.

  • She was an absolute delight to deal with, "got" us immediately and her advice was not merely useful but spot on.

  • Thank you again, you were all delightful and made the weekend.

  • Just wanted you to know all of your arrangements were perfect. Guides were amazing.

  • They loved the tour and the guide. It was all great! And very professional driver as always!

  • A heartfelt thank you for your overly generous and gracious hospitality this week.

  • The day was wonderful. Augusta was delightful and so was our driver Samir.

  • Everything was just perfect, you are the best DMC that she ever worked with!

  • You make it so easy for me, because of you I also look great to my clients!

  •  I really appreciate your help with our trip and look forward to planning future client trips to Scotland together!

  • Thanks for the phenomenal tour!

  • The trip was perfection, always a pleasure working with you.

  • Victor! Thank you again for all your help making it a truly magical vacation. Definitely one that will live in our memories for a very long time!

  • Thank you so much for all your assistance with our clients’ tours on Thursday and Saturday. We really appreciated your updates and it was a pleasure to work with you!

  • Stephen, thank you so much for all your help on this. The cake was absolutely perfect!

  • Thanks again for all your help this past month. My client was very pleased.

  • Datevik, thank you for everything you did for them. They just LOVE Queen as Clubs as much as I do!

  • Thank you for your assistance in organizing a successful tour for my team in London. Martin was excellent and my gang was very impressed by his knowledge and elegance. Thank you again.

  • The client was very pleased with the day they had with your people! Thank you so much for adding a feather in my cap. YOU ARE THE BEST!

  • Thank you Stephen for your ENDLESS patience and calm guidance through everything.. I say it everyday we could not do it without you!

  • My client enjoyed the hotel very much and said it was the best there.

  • My family had a wonderful time at the British Grand Prix. Thanks for getting everything set up, it went really smoothly.

  • Dear Sandy, their pricing is the best in the industry and always presented with photos and details. Full details are updated right up to departure time. You can book with Queen of Clubs with assurance. You are in excellent hands.

  • The QofClubs team is always able pull through in these last minute instances.

  • Please pass along my highest praise, as he really went above and beyond to ensure a seamless transfer experience.

  • You are all golden and I greatly appreciate and enjoy working with all of you!

  • A heartfelt gigantic THANK YOU/GRAZIE/ MERCI/DONKA! However many languages it takes to say it in, it must be said, once again, Queen of Clubs came through in an amazing way!

  • I am not a person that uses caps much, but IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

  • Dear Jennifer, On behalf of the Protravel executive committee, who represents all of the employees of our great company and myself we want to say thank you. We reached out to our advisors and asked them to recognize anyone who has gone above and beyond

  • I had a couple more clients use Queen of Clubs and they said it was the best part of their trip.

  • The company I use is Queen of Clubs ... and I must say that everyone who I and my associates at Tzell, who use them, has been delighted.

  • The client said the car was the latest model of BMW with the best comfort.

  • The seats at the game were amazing! Wow! So close to the field!

  • You are so great to work with. Excellent service.

  • Hi Tiago, I want to tell you that my clients told me that the seats you provided at Wimbledon were the best seats they have ever had. I want to thank you so much. You did an amazing job!

  • My clients returned from their London trip and said they had a blast and would not have changed any details.

  • The trip in London was wonderful, everything was very nice and they were more than happy.

  • Thanks again for all your assistance. You were a rockstar, especially on the few occasions when things went a little sideways. There are always a few little hiccups here and there, but you helped to smooth them over and keep everyone happy.

  • Thank you for all your hard work and assistance to make this such a great event.

  • I seriously can't say one negative comment. It was AMAZING! You did well, Slaw. Thank you for making their vacation seamless!

  • Many and sincere thanks for you help, patience, hard work and dedication in making this a special trip for them!

  • Zara and her people have taken great care of us. We have had many private tour guides and drivers on our trips, but Russell and Catalin truly have made an incredible experience. Thank you again for all your help!

  • Wonderful and thank you – I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been by this whole design process with you and your team!!!

  • Mais uma vez, uma excelente recomendação de hotel!

  • Queen of Clubs, you are the best!

  • My goodness, but I just continue to have NO idea how you and your company do these things!

  • My clients in Scotland with Queen of Clubs are absolutely thrilled beyond belief.

  • Hello Ekaterina, thank you ever so much! I am seriously over the moon with how Ada’s trip went, but more so I am impressed with the level of attention you were willing to give me.

  • Wonderful! The boys had a spectacular time and I appreciate your assistance with everything.

  • Clients were thrilled with all services and wanted to be sure to personally thanked the team!

  • Thank you for everything. The trips that you have arranged for us have been truly great!

  • Well I don’t know if we could all ask for a better review from clients! EVERYTHING about this trip, from working with you and the team to this email from the family upon return, has been dreamy. THANK YOU and the whole team of guides and drivers for makin

  • My client said they loved the wine & cheese tasting - they learned a lot and had fun.

  • They really enjoyed the tour and the guide! Thank you so much!! It was a success.

  • My client told me that all provided services were wonderful!

  • The cars are just excellent, drivers very kind, we've had an impeccable experience.

  • My client came back just amazed with everything in London! Your services were perfect! Thanks a lot, you are our best partner.

  • When I just called the emergency phone yesterday and noticed that you were on the other side, well, basically it was a relief...

  • Dear Ekaterina, You were wonderful to have helped us in this case. Once again thank you!

  • Thank you very much for all the help and support in this case, you are the BEST!

  • From the vehicle, drivers to the guide – everything was wonderful.

  • Thank you for everything, esp with the constant changes while in country. This was my first trip with them and they are thrilled, thanks for making me look good, as always!

  • Thank you so much for looking after them so well.

  • Tiago, Jennifer, you guys are the best - thank you!

  • Hi Ekaterina, I want to thank you for the great trip to London. The tours were AMAZING!

  • Good Morning Tatiana, I finally spoke with my clients and they were thrilled with how everything went. Thanks so much for helping out with this last minute booking!


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